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System Features

There are a multitude of featuyres to be used on the FleetTrackers Vehicle Tracking system whether it’s for a seeing what route a vehicle has taken to immobilising a vehicle to prevent it starting. Fleettrackers is a well-established supplier of tracking solutions and now delivers up to the minute vehicle data on many vehicles across the UK and Europe.The Fleettrackers system is a powerful management tool utilised by many organisations to eradicate unnecessary financial losses which far outweigh the cost of the initial investment.

  • Detailed Reports
    showing vehicle/s location, start and stop times, Start/Stop Location, Over speed, Idling and Late Start or Route Taken for every journey
  • Driver Behavior Report
    Shows how a vehicle is being driven – Harsh braking – Hard Acceleration and Fast Cornering
  • Multi Platform
    Can be used on any PC with internet access, no software needed as its web based or via our bespoke App’s available in the app store
  • TFL Overlay
    View live traffic camera feeds with in the M25, road work disruptions and view up to date live traffic flow
  • Multiple Mapping View
    shows map as street view – satellite or Birdseye 3D view
  • Driver ID
    shows which driver is driving what vehicle **
  • Full System Demonstration / Training
    Being able to see all your vehicles at a glance and deploy the right vehicle to the right place at the right time.
  • Cost Per Journey / Mile
    Show how much a vehicle has cost as per cost of fuel and vehicles MPG
  • Geo Fence + Alerts
    Will show if a vehicle has been taken aboard or into or out of a restricted user friendly pre-defined area
  • POI Points of Interest 
    Users can name address, sites, customers, buildings and drop off to enable easy  location awareness
  • Remote Vehicle Immobilsation**
    A simple text will prevent the vehicle from starting
  • Advanced Speeding Reports**
    Advance speeding report showing a vehicle speed in relation to the actual roads speed limit
  • Digital Input/s
    Camn be used to show if a door is open or PTO is in use
  •  Text Alerts**
    Instant text alerts can show if a vehilce is speeding or being driven badley
  • Advanced CanBus Text Alerts**
    Will show if a vehicle is being over revved or full throttle

** additional costs apply